Payment Processing

With AmCoBi's Payment Processing service, residents and homeowners make their utility payments to AmCoBi. We record these payments and:

  • Offer online payment and electronic billing services: mobile, Web, and phone-based
  • Deposit checks
  • Transfer funds to your account(s)
  • Track receivables
  • Follow up with past due accounts.

This service significantly reduces the time and labor involved in managing resident and homeowner utility payments.



A key part of any successful utility billing program is actively managing customer payments. AmCoBi not only tracks payments and receivables, we:

  • Send out late letters and certified notices
  • Make follow up calls to past due accounts
  • Keep owners, management staff, and boards of directors informed about outstanding receivables.

AmCoBi works diligently on behalf of its clients to ensure timely payment of the utility invoices it delivers.