PaymentusiPadePay - Online Payment Services 

For our Payment Processing customers, where resident utility bill payments are sent to AmCoBi, we offer several online payment options through our preferred solution provider (Paymentus):

  • MobileWEB - Manage your online payment and electronic billing account with a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device
  • Quick Pay - A one-time online payment service that doesn't require you to register an account
  • Automated Payments - Enroll and have your utility payment deducted every billing cycle automatically
  • Pay-by-E-mail - Pay directly from your e-mail inbox
  • Pay-by-Text - Review balances and make payments without going online
  • IVR/Pay-by-Phone - Make phone payments in under two minutes.


Payment Options

You can pay with a credit card, debit card, or electronic transfer from your checking/savings account (ACH).


Online Payment Fees

If you use a credit or debit card to pay online, a transaction processing fee of 2.95% will apply. You will be presented with the fee amount before you are required to complete the transaction.

If you pay by authorizing an electronic withdrawal from your checking/savings account, there are no additional fees.


eBill - Paperless Billing

Whether you select our Payment Processing or the Pay Onsite solution, your residents/customers can elect to receive an e-mailed bill instead of a printed bill.

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