Billing Solutions for Submetered Properties

When individual submeters or energy allocation equipment have been installed, resident consumption can be determined very accurately. Usage data from individual residences is collected wirelessly or via manual readings.

AmCoBi can download this usage data from a variety of meter reading systems.

By combining this data and the rate information from the master-meter utility bill, a statement can be calculated and mailed (or delivered electronically) to the tenant. The bill can also include: rent, Internet, cable, or other fees that the owner or property manager routinely collects.

Here's a diagram of the process:

Submetering Billing Diagram


Resident Payment Options

Residents can make payments onsite to the property management staff, or directly to AmCoBi (Payment Processing). If AmCoBi receives payments, we offer a variety of cash, online, phone and mobile options (ePay).

Invoices may be customized to meet the requirements of your organization. Sample below:





Submetered properties are excellent candidates for incorporating AmCoBi's AquaHawk or UtilityHawk application to monitor for abnormal utility usage and potential leaks. Click here to learn more.

If your multifamily complex is currently submetered and you are looking for a responsive, professional utility billing service provider, contact us today!