AmCoBi has saved time and money for our 1,675 unit student housing property. The AquaHawk software has been a key success in alleviating unexpected high water bills due to unknown/unreported running toilets. Now that we receive daily alerts for spiked reads, we no longer have upset residents with excessive water charges. And subsequently, we no longer spend thousands of dollars (annually) in water reimbursements to residents.

AmCoBi’s customer service is responsive and professional. We have finally found a quality utility billing company!
Posted By: Elizabeth Brightwell
Property Accountant, San Miguel Management
Submetered properties in Texas are legally allowed to pass through a 9% fee to residents in the form of a customer service charge. Our previous billing company had not charged these fees to tenants and instead had invoiced us. AmCoBi not only reduced our direct costs but increased the amount of money our company was collecting from its utility billing program.
Posted By: S. Lipe
Property Manager, 800 Expo
AmCoBi provided timely problem resolution to our residents, simplified past due account management, and reduced our billing service fees by 15‐20%. We certainly appreciate the job AmCoBi has done for us and would highly recommend them!
Posted By: Gene Dennis
Property Manager, The Gibson Company
AmCoBi came in and really reduced the time our volunteer Board spends on billing issues. They carry out our procedures and guidelines without ever making decisions that are contrary to Board policies--something that had happened with our previous provider.

Even though it didn't play heavily into our decision, the company's fees were 15-20% less than our previous provider.

They operate in a very proactive manner and communication has been excellent. AmCoBi has reduced my workload considerably.
Posted By: Fred Brinkerhoff
Treasurer & Board Member, Hi-Land Acres Water & Sanitation District
One of the things AmCoBi provides our company with is stellar customer service. I love that your reps respond quickly and knowledgeably to the many calls and emails they receive from our client base. I very much appreciate how proactive AmCoBi is about contacting our clients if there is an issue that will affect their individual bills, calling our residents about utility adjustments on their accounts, for example.

AmCoBi reaches out, instead of sitting back and being reactive. This prevent our residents from becoming upset if a "surprise bill" reaches them.

Recently, AmCoBi has been working with us to better control over our collections and late accounts. We have taken advantage of their "past due notice" and late fee service. The results are encouraging.

The AmCoBi staff working with our accounts are expert in what they do and consistently meet our needs…often exceeding our expectations. Any requests for information, changes needed, or help with an issue are promptly met with friendly, professional assistance. Great job AmCoBi!!
Posted By: K. Nysse
Utility Billing Supervisor, Sky Valley Resorts

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