Leverage Utility Data to Find Problems...Proactively!

AquaHawk/UtilityHawk are customer portal applications that analyze water, electric, or gas consumption data from submetered multifamily residential complexes, condominiums, or commercial offices. These solutions look for: 

  • Water leaks and losses
  • Malfunctioning heating systems
  • Broken metering equipment
  • Problematic meter readings.

By identifying potential problems and notifiying multifamily owners, property managers, and/or residents, AmCoBi intends to prevent unnecessary utility usage and property damage.


Leak Detection & Notification

If you operate a multifamily property that is submetered for water and uses a wireless submetering system, AquaHawk provides near real-time leak monitoring and notification. By analyzing usage data on a per unit basis, the application will flag spikes in consumption that may indicate a leak.

AmCoBi then notifies onsite maintenance staff, property managers, or residents (via telephone, e-mail, or text), alerting them to the issue.

AquaHawk routinely catches leaking toilets, broken pipes, and even unaccounted-for occupants. The system has been deployed at more than 60 communities and is responsible for saving tens of thousands of gallons of water.

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