Affordable, Professional, and Flexible Billing Services

Many multifamily student housing providers require the ability to perform complex calculations in order to bill their residents. For example, it's often necessary to:

  • Allocate multiple master-meter bills to multiple students
  • Calculate bills based on the number of beds in a room
  • Deliver bills to multiple students living in a single unit
  • Manage various utility credits/allowances.

These billing calculations can be difficult for many service providers and often lead to errors. AmCoBi's utility billing system performs complex billings effortlessly and can be customized to the requirements of each residential complex.

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 AmCoBi has saved time and money for our 1,675 unit student housing property. Their AquaHawk software has been a key success in alleviating unexpected high water bills due to unknown/unreported running toilets. Now that we receive daily alerts for spiked reads, we no longer have upset residents with excessive water charges.

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  -- Elizabeth Brightwell // San Miguel Management  
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Monitoring for Leaks and Maintenance Issues

AmCoBi has developed an advanced monitoring system for submetered properties called AquaHawkUtilityHawk. These applications analyzes utility consumption data and:

  • Detects water leaks
  • Determines when metered heating/cooling equipment may need servicing
  • Notifies property management and staff members when problems arise.

AquaHawk and UtilityHawk are responsible for saving thousands of gallons of water, reducing costly utility bills, and preventing property damage.


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A Focus on Execution

AmCoBi commits to delivering a hassle-free billing experience and:

  • Accurate, on-time bills
  • Friendly competent customer service to residents, property managers, and owners
  • Affordable rates.

We take full responsibility for the utility billing excuses!


Sharing Data with Property Management Systems

Utility billing generates substantial amounts of data that must be transferred to property management or accounting systems on a regular basis. Many companies perform these data transfers by manually inputting information into multiple systems. AmCoBi develops custom software to automate the exchange of data saving staff members time and improving the accuracy of the information entered.

We integrate with all major property management solutions including Yardi, OneSite, AMSI, Rent Manager, and more.


Experience Amazing Service

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