HABC Residents - Pay Online

To create an online payment account or to make a one-time payment, click the Pay Bill button. You will need your: 

  1. Account number
  2. Service address zip code.






Through our payment provider (Paymentus), AmCoBi offers:

  • MobileWEB - Manage your online payment and electronic billing account with a smartphone, tablet or other mobile device
  • Quick Pay - A one-time online payment service that doesn't require you to register an account
  • Automated Payments - Enroll and have your utility payment deducted every billing cycle automatically
  • Pay-by-E-mail - Pay directly from your e-mail inbox
  • Pay-by-Text - Review balances and make payments without going online
  • IVR/Pay-by-Phone - Make phone payments in under two minutes
  • eBill - Sign up to receive an e-mail reminder every time a new utility statement has been posted to your account.


Payment Options

You can pay with a credit card, debit card, or electronic transfer from your checking/savings account (ACH).


Online Payment Fees

There are no payment fees for using a credit card, debit card, or withdrawal from your checking/savings account.


Pay Utility Bills with Cash at Local Stores

PayNearMe is a payment service for HABC residents allowing them to pay their bills with cash at the following stores: 

  • CVS Pharmacy
  • 7-Eleven
  • Ace Cash Express.


How PayNearMe Works

Step 1:  Go to: https://www.paynearme.com/amcobi or call Client Care at: (877) 410-0167 and request that a PayCode be sent to your phone or computer.

Step 2:  Bring your PayCode to any participating store, provide it to the cashier, and pay in cash.

Step 3:  Collect your receipt. AmCoBi will be notified within 15 mins. that your payment has been made.

You can also click the PayNearMe button below... 

 PayNearMe Logo