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American Conservation & Billing Solutions, Inc. (AmCoBi)

AmCoBi was founded by a team of industry professionals who recognized a clear need in the multifamily residential industry for a professional utility billing services company that would consistently deliver on its promises. We attract new clients and build long term relationships with existing customers by taking a disciplined approach to executing the fundamentals of billing.


Solving Problems in the Utility Billing Industry

If you've worked with third party billing providers before, you've probably experience these common problems:

  • Late and inaccurate utility bills
  • Lack of competent support for residents, owners, property managers, and utility staff
  • Extensive time and effort spent managing the billing, payment, and collection processes.

While these functions are really the fundamentals of utility billing, many service providers miss the mark. AmCoBi offers a new approach that is focused on simplifying the utility billing process and providing an end-to-end solution that minimizes the workload for our customers.


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Experience a Higher Standard of Service & Support

AmCoBi offers comprehensive utility billing solutions that are guided by the following principles:

  • Use the best technological tools to automate the utility billing process in every area so that it is more efficient and repeatable
  • Implement strict quality control processes so that bills are guaranteed to be accurate
  • Provide first class customer service to residents, owners, and property managers that is timely and backed by performance guarantees
  • Focus on continual, methodical improvement

While these principles are straightforward, many billing firms struggle to execute them. 


High Quality and Affordable Rates

AmCoBi's low overhead costs and operational efficiencies mean that our customers receive some of the most competitive prices in the industry. We work to save our clients money, deliver exemplary value, and improve their profitability.

To discuss your specific utility billing requirements, contact us  today.