For multifamily owners, property managers and utilities

For multifamily owners, property managers and utilities

Affordable, expert utility billing services

Affordable, expert utility billing services
Comprehensive billing services for water utilities

Comprehensive billing services for water utilities

Expand customer service offerings and reduce billing operations costs

Expand customer service offerings and reduce billing operations costs
RUBS - An alternative to submetering

RUBS - An alternative to submetering

Learn how to increase NOI by separating utility expenses

Learn how to increase NOI by separating utility expenses
Utility Billing Solutions for Student Housing Providers

Utility Billing Solutions for Student Housing Providers

Billing services to meet your unique needs

Billing services to meet your unique needs
Comprehensive online payment and electronic billing options

Comprehensive online payment and electronic billing options

Customers can pay by phone, text, e-mail, IVR, and online

Customers can pay by phone, text, e-mail, IVR, and online
AquaHawk / UtilityHawk

AquaHawk / UtilityHawk

Detect water leaks and abnormal energy usage. Notify customers

Detect water leaks and abnormal energy usage. Notify customers

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AmCoBi provides comprehensive billing services to multifamily owners, property managers, and water utilities. We make a difference each day for our clients by being responsive, executing the fundamentals, and customizing our solutions. With so many providers to choose from, learn what sets our company apart. Click here.

Learn how to Calculate a RUBS Water/Sewer Bill
Click here...

Learn how to Calculate a RUBS Water/Sewer Bill

This article shows you how to calculate a RUBS water bill for ten (10) units or less. Checkout the instructional videos and download a FREE RUBS Billing Worksheet to assist you.

Need a New Billing Provider?
Click here...

Need a New Billing Provider?

Switching billing companies is easier than you think. Stop suffering from late and inaccurate bills, angry tenant calls, and poor customer service. AmCoBi will put an end to your utility billing frustrations and save you money!

Learn the Basics of Utility Billing
Click here...

Learn the Basics of Utility Billing

We offer some educational information and resources to help you learn about utility billing, the financial benefits, best practices, and more.



Water Utilities

Water Utilities

We help municipal water providers reduce their billing operations costs and expand their service offerings.

Multifamily Owners

Multifamily Owners

Multifamily utility billing offers one of the fastest, least expensive ways to improve cash flow, increase property values, and reduce utility expense.

Property Managers

Property Managers

Experience hassle-free billing. No more late and inaccurate billings. Responsive customer service. Learn more about our comprehensive utility billing services for property management companies.



Interested in implementing a Ratio Utility Billing System at your apartment complex? Learn more about the requirements and benefits of RUBS.

Student Housing

Student Housing

Many student housing providers have unique requirements for calculating utility bills. Find out how AmCoBi can serve your company's needs.

Affordable Housing

Affordable Housing

Find out how to reduce utility expenses and encourage conservation. AmCoBi works with Housing Authorities (HAs) and other HUD-subsidized multifamily property owners to help them leverage the financial and conservation benefits of utility billing


Some comments from our clients...

  • One of the things AmCoBi provides our company with is stellar customer service. I love that your reps respond quickly and knowledgeably to the many calls and emails they receive from our client base.
    Kay Nysse // Utility Billing Supervisor
  • AmCoBi has saved time and money for our 1,675 unit student housing property. Their AquaHawk software has been a key success in alleviating unexpected high water bills due to unknown/unreported running toilets. Now that we receive daily alerts for spiked reads, we no longer have upset residents with excessive water charges.
    Elizabeth Brightwell // Property Accountant
  • AmCoBi came in and really reduced the time our volunteer Board spends on billing issues. They operate in a very proactive manner and communication has been excellent!
    Fred Brinkerhoff // Treasurer & Board Member
  • AmCoBi provided timely problem resolution to our residents, simplified past due account management, and reduced our billing service fees by 15‐20%. We certainly appreciate the job AmCoBi has done for us and would highly recommend them!
    Gene Dennis // Property Manager

Why Choose AmCoBi?

There are a lot of utility billing service providers for multifamily owners, property managers, and water utilities to choose from. When we asked our clients why they selected our company, and why they've worked with us for years, here were some of their reasons.



We respond quickly when our customers or their residents contact us with questions. It's rare that an incoming call isn't answered by a "live" staff member. If someone leaves a message, we return it…that day.

Our team focuses on resolving issues. We persist until you're satisfied. Our team delights in assisting our clients and focuses on building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.



Our team has worked in the utility billing industry for decades. We're experienced professionals who have managed all aspects of the billing and submetering processes for residential, commercial, and utility applications.

We understand the regulatory requirements and state / local laws that govern billing. We work in nineteen states. You'll be hard pressed to find a billing-related requirement that we haven't dealt with.

We keep our edge by learning and adapting.


Executing the Fundamentals

Accurate bill calculations. On time bills delivered each billing cycle. Automating manual processes. Managing financial affairs like accountants.

Performing utility billing fundamentals, every day of the week, with a commitment to execute consistently is what you can expect from our company.



Our billing services are configurable and can be tailored to meet the needs or your organization and its customers. One size does not fit all. We'll work with your team throughout every aspect of the billing process. Changes are welcome.

AmCoBi has been in business since early 2009. In that time, we've expanded our portfolio and now serve hundreds of clients. We have an exceptionally low attrition rate in an industry where changing service providers is the norm.

We're confident we can deliver for you. Contact us to discuss your utility billing requirements.


Have you Considered RUBS?

Implementing a Ratio Utility Billing System or RUBS billing system is an excellent way to boost net operating income. It's a method of calculating a resident's utility bill based on occupancy, apartment square footage, number of beds, or some combination of factors.

Using RUBS to bill residents for water, gas and/or electricity expenses has several advantages including:

  • Requires no capital investment to get started
  • Enables owners to recoup a large portion of the overall utility expense
  • Can be implemented quickly
  • Immediately improves cash flow.


RUBS vs. Submetering

Many existing apartments have a utility configuration that does not support the installation of submetering equipment. For example, hi-rise apartment complexes and older condominium units can have multiple pipes supplying water to a single unit. This situation makes it cost prohibitive to install water meters to measure consumption because each unit could potentially require more than one water meter.

In these cases, RUBS is an excellent alternative for the owner or condo association to recover appropriate utility costs and increase cash flow at the property.


Learn how to Calculate a RUBS Water Bill

If you'd like to learn how a RUBS water bill is calculated, read this article on our blog. It includes two videos that show you how the calculations are made and what you need to do to implement RUBS.

It also includes a free spreadsheet you can use to calculate a RUBS water/sewer bill for up to ten (10) units.


Is RUBS Right for You?

Contact us to see if a RUBS billing method can be used at your multihousing complex.


Measurably Reduce Billing Operations Costs

AmCoBi helps municipal water utilities lower their billing operations costs and expand customer services. Our program will reduce your organization's workload, simplify the billing process, and ensure that your customers receive outstanding support.

In contrast to the operations requirements of providing a safe and reliable water supply, or administering wastewater treatment services, water billing is a function that can effectively be outsourced. The savings are substantial and it frees up staff members to focus on more mission critical duties.

Lower operational costs can also result in more affordable water prices for your customers.

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AmCoBi came in and really reduced the time our volunteer board spends on billing issues. Their fees were 20% less than our previous provider.
Quote rt
    -- Fred Brinkerhoff, Treasurer, Hi-Land Acres Water & Sanitation District  


Meeting Customer Payment Expectations

It used to be that providing a return envelope with a payment stub was enough to get customers to send in a paper check. Now, customers want to pay in the mail, with their smartphones, online, on the phone, and sometimes in cash.

Offering multiple payment options can be expensive. It usually requires utilities to deploy multiple systems that they then have to maintain and support. If the online payment options are expensive, customers won't use them and the utility misses out on the efficiencies and cost savings these solutions deliver.

AmCoBi's ePay service is a one-stop-shop. It offers a full range of flexible, electronic payment options via phone, mobile device, or online. ACH payments from a checking or savings account are free! Credit and debit card service fees are some of the lowest available.


Article WaterUtilities


No More Paper Bills?

There will always be a subset of your client base who want a paper bill. The more customers, however, that you can encourage to receive an electronic bill (eBill), the more your utility can save on printing and postage costs each billing period.

AmCoBi offers an integrated paperless billing option available to all utility customers.


Responsive, Friendly Customer Service

AmCoBi's commitment to always providing responsive, professional, and timely support to our clients' customers is how we differentiate our business. When your customers call our support center, approximately 95% of the time they will speak with a "live" Client Care team member.

Questions sent to us via e-mail are answered the same business day.

In addition, when your team needs assistance, they will be speaking with a dedicated support manager familiar your account. Need a last minute report or clarification on a customer issue? Call us and we'll help.

Your staff can also use the Management Portal to answer questions and review our team's actions.


A Customizable Billing Service

Many water providers have unique needs that require changes to a billing company's standard processes. Our flexible billing system can be tailored to meet your utility's requirements.

As an example, here are some of the ancillary services we provide our clients:

  • Offline, pay-in-cash options
  • Resident & Management portal - Web-based access for your residents and staff members
  • Late letters and collections assistance
  • Lien filings
  • Customizable management and financial reports.


Can We Assist Your Utility?

AmCoBi is an experienced service provider with a commitment to delivering accurate, on-time bills...every billing period. If there are billing problems, regardless of how they were caused, we correct them.

Give us a call to find out how our company can help your organization. We specialize in serving small and medium-sized metropolitan and special water districts.


A Better Way to Bill

AmCoB provides affordable, quality-focused, utility billing services to:

  • Municipal water providers, metropolitan and special water districts
  • Multifamily residential apartment /condominium owners
  • Property management firms
  • Student housing providers
  • Housing authorities and affordable housing providers.

If you are a utility, multifamily owner, or property manager who wants to:

  • Start a utility billing program
  • Outsource your billing operations
  • Switch from another third party billing provider...

...we can help!


Comprehensive Billing Services

We offer several services including:

  • RUBS billings (Ratio Utility Billing System)
  • Submetered billings
  • Convergent billing (may include rent, cable, and other fees)
  • Payment processing and collections
  • Online payments (ePay) - Web-based, mobile, and IVR payments--credit/debit card or ACH
  • Cash payments
  • Electronic billing (eBill)
  • Leak detection and abnormal usage monitoring - AquaHawk / UtilityHawk.

AmCoBi will help your company or organization reduce billing operations costs, expand your service options for customers, and ensure a hassle-free billing experience.


Exemplary Customer Service

Professional, competent, and timely service is provided to staff members, owners, managers, and residents via telephone, e-mail, and online. We're known for fast response times and we resolve issues thoroughly.


Contact Us Today!

Our value proposition is that we are an experienced team of professionals who focus on delivering customized billing solutions at affordable rates. We work everyday to build long-term client relationships. It's how we differentiate our business and a key reason how we've continued to grow since 2009.

Contact us to discuss your utility billing requirements.