Why Choose AmCoBi?

There are a lot of utility billing service providers for multifamily owners, property managers, and water utilities to choose from. When we asked our clients why they selected our company, and why they've worked with us for years, here were some of their reasons.



We respond quickly when our customers or their residents contact us with questions. It's rare that an incoming call isn't answered by a "live" staff member. If someone leaves a message, we return it…that day.

Our team focuses on resolving issues. We persist until you're satisfied. Our team delights in assisting our clients and focuses on building long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships.



Our team has worked in the utility billing industry for decades. We're experienced professionals who have managed all aspects of the billing and submetering processes for residential, commercial, and utility applications.

We understand the regulatory requirements and state / local laws that govern billing. We work in nineteen states. You'll be hard pressed to find a billing-related requirement that we haven't dealt with.

We keep our edge by learning and adapting.


Executing the Fundamentals

Accurate bill calculations. On time bills delivered each billing cycle. Automating manual processes. Managing financial affairs like accountants.

Performing utility billing fundamentals, every day of the week, with a commitment to execute consistently is what you can expect from our company.



Our billing services are configurable and can be tailored to meet the needs or your organization and its customers. One size does not fit all. We'll work with your team throughout every aspect of the billing process. Changes are welcome.

AmCoBi has been in business since early 2009. In that time, we've expanded our portfolio and now serve hundreds of clients. We have an exceptionally low attrition rate in an industry where changing service providers is the norm.

We're confident we can deliver for you. Contact us to discuss your utility billing requirements.