Learn the Basics about Utility Billing for Multifamily Housing

The following resources will help you learn the basics about utility billing, how it improves cash flow and net operating income (NOI), and why your multifamily complex should get started.

1. The Multifamily Owner's Complete Guide to Resident Utility Billing. Subscribe to receive this free 18-page report that covers: the financial impact of utility billing, different billing methods you can use, and how to launch a successful program.

2. Multifamily Owners: Including Utilities May Be Killing Your Profits. Learn how to protect your NOI. There are inherent problems with including utilities in the rental fee. Owners and property managers, however, can implement a utility billing program, transition to tenant-paid utilities, and save substantially.

3. A Small Group Of Tenants May Be Doubling Your Multifamily Utility Costs. Find out what you can do about it. Learn about the cost impact high users have on utility expenses and how owners can use submetering and RUBS billing to protect themselves.

4. Case Study - Student Housing Solutions (SHS). Learn about our work with SHS, a property management company with a portfolio of 4,000 beds in Tallahassee, FL.

5. Datasheet - AmCoBi's Multifamily Utility Billing Services (PDF). Information about how we can help you launch and manage a successful tenant billing program.

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