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Water Billing Services for Municipal Providers

Reduce Your Billing Operations Costs by 20%...Guaranteed!

AmCoBi helps cities, towns, and municipal water utilities substantially reduce their billing operations costs. We guarantee a minimum savings of 20% and in many cases, it's higher! Our services will reduce your organization's workload, simplify your billing operations, and ensure that your customers receive outstanding support.

Water Providers are Under Tremendous Financial Pressure

The weak economy has measurably decreased water sales for many water providers. For example:

  • Merced Irrigation District is facing a projected shortfall of $1 million in 2011. The California district says water sales are down and they've lost about $274,000 in revenue
  • Colorado Springs Utilities will slash $37.2 million in spending and propose a $20 million water rate hike to offset a projected revenue shortfall brought on by a sour economy. The cuts were triggered by drops in water sales of $6.4 million

High Unemployment and Foreclosures are Hurting Revenues

High unemployment is contributing to increased bankruptcies, customers not being able to pay, and growing accounts receivable. With 13.5 million people in the U.S. unemployed and 24.7 million underemployed as of March, 2011, this situation will continue to have an impact.

  • The Denver-based Water Research Foundation found that home foreclosures and business contractions have reduced water demand in many areas. Cities with high unemployment have also seen reduced water consumption as people move away in search of jobs.

Tax Revenues are on the Decline

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A significant source of revenue for thousands of water providers around the country is property taxes. As home values have fallen, and the number of foreclosures has reached its highest point in decades, a previously stable source of revenue is now unpredictable and declining.

  • 54,041 Colorado properties executed a foreclosure filing at some point in 2010, up 6.98% from 2009
  • Mount Pleasant Waterworks in South Carolina attributes the revenue decline in their organization to "unoccupied homes caused by foreclosures and commercial businesses just going out of business."

Expenses are Increasing

Expenses, especially pension and healthcare costs, continue to rise putting additional financial pressure on water providers. As an example:

  • From 1999 to 2009 healthcare premiums have increased 131%
  • Publicly owned community water systems averaged a 57% increase in expenses between 2000 and 2006 compared with a 15% increase in revenues
  • Privately owned community water systems serving 500 or fewer reported a 64% increase in expenses and a decline in revenues of 1%.

    How are Water Providers Responding?

    Many providers are responding to budget shortfalls by:

    • Laying off employees
    • Reducing pension contributions
    • Delaying capital improvements
    • Making capital reserve fund withdrawals
    • Selling off assets
    • Raising water rates. 

    Of all these options, water rate increases cause the most concern for the public. Customers often react by scrutinizing provider expenses, forming oversight groups, getting the media involved, and even filing lawsuits.

    Cut Your Billing Operations Costs Without Affecting Service Quality

    In contrast to the operations requirements of providing a safe and reliable water supply, or administering wastewater treatment services, water billing is a function that can effectively be outsourced. The savings are substantial and you can reassign employees to focus on other important duties within your organization. Lower operational costs will result in more affordable water and more satisfied customers.

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    AmCoBi came in and really reduced the time our volunteer board spends on billing issues. Their fees were 20% less than our previous provider.
    -- Fred Brinkerhoff, Treasurer, Hi-Land Acres Water & Sanitation District

    What's Stopping Your Organization?

    Some water utilities initially have concerns about staff layoffs and the level of service their customers will receive if they outsource water billing. They recognize that if billing problems occur, they'll spend more time and effort correcting them.

    Providers question whether billing fees will increase after they have made a switch to an outside provider. Moreover, many have already invested in billing software and accounting systems to perform water billing.

    While these concerns are valid, water providers who do outsource their billing operations to AmCoBi find that these issues do not occur and that the benefits clearly outweigh the risks.

    AmCoBi Delivers for its Clients

    AmCoBi manages water billing for numerous water providers and delivers a high volume of bills each month. This volume and the systems we've developed enable us to offer pricing that substantially cuts your costs. Our fixed price offerings also make it easier for your organization to budget for billing-related expenses.

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    Case Study: Hi-Land Acres Water & Sanitation District

    AmCoBi has helped Hi-Land Acres improve its water/wastewater billing process, provide better service to residents, and reduce service fees. Click here to learn more.


    Do you Accept Electronic Payments?

    Accept online payments | water billing solutions

    AmCoBi will help your organization meet the online payment needs of your customers. Did you know:

    • In 2009, 27% of U.S. adults--61 million people--paid their bills online
    • The number of ACH Network payments exceeded 19.4 billion in 2010, an increase of 3.44% compared to 2009

    Using our ePay service, you can offer flexible electronic payment options to your customers.  ACH payments from a checking or savings account are free! Using eBill, you can provide electronic billing capabilities too.

    We Provide Outstanding Customer Service

    AmCoBi's commitment to always providing responsive, professional, and timely support to clients is how we differentiate our business. Our performance guarantees ensure that we consistently exceed your expectations.

    A Comprehensive Water Billing Solution

    AmCoBi's water billing service is comprehensive and can be customized to your requirements. The service includes:

    • Calculating, printing, and delivering bills
    • Processing payments and making deposits
    • Offering online payment options (ePay) - pay electronically using a credit/debit card or transfer from a checking/savings account (ACH)
    • Electronic billing (eBill)
    • Resident portal - Web-based access for your residents to review past/current bills
    • Sending late letters and assisting with collections
    • Filing liens when needed
    • Delivering management and financial reporting tailored to your organization's needs.

    Throughout the entire billing process, you can monitor our performance using our Web-based Management Portal.

    AmCoBi is an experienced service provider with a commitment to delivering accurate, on-time bills...every time. If there are billing problems, regardless of how they are caused, we correct them.

    Learn How AmCoBi Can Help Your Organization

    Give us a call and learn how we can reduce your billing operations' expenses. AmCoBi guarantees results and we specialize in serving small and medium-sized metropolitan and special water districts!